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Materia do Baixo Natural... Por dentro - Festival Internacional de Contrabaixo (English)

Vou postar a matéria em inglês, quem quizer ler ela em português
acesso o blo do Baixo Natural

As usual, we are always in TOP's biggest events that happen around here.
And we could not stay out of the International Festival of bass.
Our photographer Victor Nikolai recorded everything.
Go to Facebook to check out the photos of him in full.
Go to youtube and check out the videos for him.

That story that follows is so low BaixoNatural blog, just translated.
And as Marcus Braga say "Break It!"

By Ariel Andrade Nog

In last Thursday (September 10, 2011), beginning a festival that had become unforgettable for those who participate in organized and the entire audience. He was the first International Festival of Bass in Bethlehem, which would involve the participation of big name of the instrument at the national and even international level.

Innovative event that shows that Brazil does have instrumental music to the public at all from the first note to the last the public who attended mass at the venue went crazy, great music almost free, since the help that was requested input - food or cash (U.S. $ 10.00) - was fully converted in aid to poor communities in the region.

The first night of the festival, big names shook the structures of the People's Memorial, in Bethlehem, such as Frank Negrao it had soup from the master of American jazz bassist Jim Stinnett and newest festival - Yuri, and other highlights were Frank Henry gaucho Fontoura, who presented his new single from super stuffed with good taste and Joel Moncorvo Bahia, which definitely destroyed everything, with such severe wasting technique and speed, leading the local public into a frenzy.

In the second night of true dinosaurs Brazilian paraded down their techniques such as 'fast finger' Mauro Sergio, the master Adriano Giffoni with all his Brazilianness and Ronaldo Lobo. In TOTALLY different styles stood out not only by 'item' technique but also by 'item' feeling.

On the morning of Day 3 of the International Festival of Bass sponsored by AAMI (Association of Friends of instrumental music) in partnership with the IB & T, was the master class with the Americans invited to the festival, Todd Johnson, Jim and Grant Stinnett and Don Moio . Promoting a great exchange of experiences and a massive transfer of knowledge of these true legends of American jazz for more than two hours they played, answered questions and certainly changed the view of those present in music. At the Closing each student could still request a class with these masters, as Personal undoubtedly unique experience for all bassists.

To close with a flourish, Americans who every night had been making contributions, showed that they came, preceded by great bass players like Ney Neto singing and groove that surprised more than ever, the great sheep that showed Adelbert be ready to face many other festivals this level, since his technique and taste delights everyone. Celso Pixinga, true hero of Brazilian Bass continues to impress everyone with great technique, speed, melody and arrangements, even if presenting with fever Pixinga shows you why such devotion on the part of musicians - SENSATIONAL, that would be invited as the name "Master Pixinga" presentation of American beasts, minutes later.

We at BaixoNatural transmit the event live to the world totally free internet, which according Pixinga was held for the first time in many years of IB & T Bass Festival, with the aim of bass players around the globe can share such fantastic experience.

Off the PA's (requirement gringa, so that the sound of them were just out of control), silence took place after the announcement of the great attractions of the festival, on stage at Bethlehem, the purest American jazz with Jim Stinnett, Grant Stinnet, Todd Johnson and Dom Moio. With an overwhelming presentation really showed how it's done, mixing performances in duet, solo and full training. Totally entranced the audience applauded the local and sentimental about the themes and improvisations presented. The guys destroyed it and planted the seed of jazz in Bethlehem to the world, like say Jim Stinnett: "That's The Shit."

Photos: Victor
Nikolai and Dias Neto
Live Webcast: Jeff Amaral

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